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13 Day Jewish Israel Tour

The 13 day Jewish Israel tour operates weekly


The 13 day Jewish Israel Tour takes you on a journey to the land of where it all began. Join us on a magnificent journey through Israel on our 10 day Jewish Israel tour.


The 13 Day Jewish Israel Tour Itinerary

Friday, Day 1: Arrival on our 13 Day Jewish Israel Tour / transfer to Tel Aviv

  • Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport and embark on our 13 day Jewish Israel tour.
  • We will be met by a Heritage Israel Tour (Shalom Journey’s) representative and transferred to our hotel in the beautiful coastal City of Tel Aviv where for check-in.

Overnight in Tel Aviv.

Saturday, Day 2: Tel Aviv – Shabbat at Leisure

  • Following Shabbat breakfast, we will enjoy a day at leisure.

Overnight in Tel Aviv.

Sunday, Day 3: Caesarea, Haifa, Akko (Acre), Rosh Hanikra

  • Following breakfast, we will check-out from our hotel and travel north along the coastal Plain of the Mediterranean to visit the ancient city of Caesarea.
  • Proceed to view the excavated Roman Theater once used for many performances throughout the centuries.
  • Continue through the excavated fortress and view the aqueduct, once used for conveying water to the city.
  • Moving on, the tour will continue north towards Haifa and ascend Mt. Carmel for a panoramic view of the Bahai Gardens and Haifa Bay.
  • Proceed to “AF AL PI CHEN” the naval museum of the illegal immigration to Israel at the time of the British mandate.
  • Following Haifa we drive north along the coast and stop at Akko (Acre) to see the ancient fortress, with its underground passages and secret rooms.
  • Visit the prison where members of the Hagana and Irgun were held captive during Israel’s fight for Independence.
  • Furthermore, we will continue to the northernmost point of Israel at Rosh Hanikra and where the border meets Lebanon. Descend by cable car to see the limestone Grottos created by the Mediterranean Sea.
  • To conclude, we will proceed to our Kibbutz along the shores of the Galilee where we will spend our night including dinner.

Overnight in the Galilee.

Monday, Day 4: Safed / Tel Facher / Banias / Tel Hai

  • Following breakfast, we will start our day with a drive south to the Mystical City of Safed. It is considered to be one of the Four Holy Cities according to tradition and its Kabalistic studies (the birthplace of Kabbalah).
  • Proceed to the Golan Heights for a Jeep adventure.  The tour explores the Golan Heights and its terrain by jeep and stops at an observation point overlooking the destroyed city of Kuneitra (Syrian territory).
  • Furthermore, stop at Tel Facher, a former Syrian army camp.
  • Continue north to Banias Springs, considered the largest spring feeding from Mt. Hermon and leading into the Jordan River.
  • To conclude, we will visit Tel-Hai, to see the “Roaring Lion” monument. Lastly, return to our Kibbutz Hotel for a relaxing dinner in the Upper Galilee.

Overnight in the Galilee.

Tuesday, Day 5: Beit Shean, Beit Alpha, Gan Hashlosha to Jerusalem

  • Following breakfast, we will drive to Tiberias to visit Rambam’s grave.
  • Continuing south via the Jordan Valley to the ancient City of Beit Shean, also called “Scythopolis”. Proceed to walk through the largest ongoing archaeological dig in the land of Israel.
  • Proceed to visit Beit Alpha to see the beautiful mosaic floor of a Byzantine synagogue.
  • Moving further south to visit Gan Hashlosha (Sachne) and have the opportunity to enjoy the water springs, located at the foot of the Gilboa Mountain, the famous mountain where King Saul and his son Jonathan were killed in the battle against the Philistines.
  • Furthermore, we will proceed south through the lush Jordan Valley. Upon arriving in Jerusalem stop at Mt. Scopus for a beautiful panoramic view of Jerusalem and the Old City.
  • To conclude, arrive at our hotel for check-in.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

Wednesday, Day 6: Old City of Jerusalem

  • Following breakfast, the tour will start at Mt. Zion to visit the tomb of King David.
  • Proceed to enter the walled city of Jerusalem and proceed to the Jewish Quarter, which was reconstructed after the city was unified at the conclusion of the Six-Day War in 1967.
  • Continue with our walk to the broad stone stairway down to the holy Western Wall – the “Kotel” (Beit Hamikdash).
  • Moreover, descending through the many layers of Jerusalem’s past at the time of the Temple through the Rabbinical Tunnels of the Western Wall. An incredible labyrinth of tunnels, arches, and passageways remain untouched for centuries.
  • Furthermore, continue towards the Southern Wall excavations to see the Davidson Center, one of the most significant archeological sites in the country.
  • To conclude, return to the Roman Cardo though the local Arab Bazaar (Suk). Walk out of the Old City through the Jaffa gate to visit David’s Tower Museum. See the ancient remains of the city beginning with the first Temple period.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

Thursday, Day 7: New City of Jerusalem

  • Following breakfast, enter the Old City through the Dung Gate and walk towards the Kotel and witness a Bar Miztvah ceremony.
  • Depart the Old City and drive to Mea Shearim. Learn about the unique lifestyle of the Ultra orthodox communities.
  • Proceed to drive to Mount Herzl, Israel’s national cemetery where we can visit the grave-sites of Israel’s greatest leaders and heroes.
  • Moving on, continue to Yad Vashem, considered to be the first memorial to mankind’s darkest period. We will visit the very moving exhibit at the Children’s Pavilion.
  • Furthermore, continue to Ammunition Hill (Givat-Hatahmoshet), a former Jordanian army stronghold, conquered by the Israeli army in the Six Day War.
  • Moreover, drive by the Knesset, to see Israel’s parliament and the Menorah with the biblical emblems.
  • To conclude, proceed to Israel Museum to see the scale model. The museum recreates Jerusalem in 66 CE. In the same complex, visit the Shrine of the Book where the original Dead Sea scrolls are housed.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

Friday, Day 8: Qumran, Masada and the Dead Sea area

  • Following an early breakfast, we will travel south through the Judean Wilderness towards the shores of the Dead Sea.
  • Descending to the lowest point on earth at 1305 feet (398m) below sea level and arrive to the shores of the Dead Sea.
  • Proceed south and stop at Qumran to visit the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.
  • Continue south along the shores of the Dead Sea to the legendary mountaintop plateau of Masada.
  • Furthermore, ascend the mountain by cable car to the ancient synagogue of Masada and explore the ancient fortress.
  • Following the tour of Masada, we descend by cable car and continue with our drive south to a spa resort hotel for lunch.
  • Moreover, after lunch, we will have the opportunity to experience floating in the mystical waters of the Dead Sea and cover ourselves in mud. Return to our hotel in Jerusalem.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

Saturday (Shabbat), Day 9: Jerusalem at leisure

  • Following Shabbat breakfast,  enjoy a day at leisure in Jerusalem.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

Sunday Day 10 – Timna / Underwater Observatory / Eilat

  • Following breakfast, travel south through the Negev desert.
  • Moving on, stop at Timna, a large geological and archaeological park.
  • In addition, we will get a chance to view the outstanding Solomon’s pillars.
  • Continue to Eilat, the southernmost resort city on the shores of the Red Sea.
  • Moreover, explore the Underwater Observatory marine park that was built into a coral reef.

Overnight in Eilat.

Monday Day 11 – At leisure or optional tour to Petra (with additional charge)

  • Following breakfast and visa assistance at the Jordanian border, drive straight to Petra. The astonishing rose-red city built by the Nabateans.
  • In addition, Petra was renowned for its massive architecture, pools, dams and water channels.
  • Moreover, the city itself is almost 45 square km and is considered to be the second wonder of the world.
  • Following the visit, time for lunch in a nice restaurant. After lunch drive back to border.
  • Furthermore, a short visit to Aqaba with the possibility to stop and take a walk around.
  • To conclude the day, transfer to the border at around 18:00 p.m and crossing back into Eilat, Israel.

Overnight in Eilat. 

Tuesday Day 12 – Mitzpe Ramon / Sde Boker / Hatzerim

  • Following breakfast, we will depart Eilat via Mitzpe Ramon and stop to gaze into a geological wonder, the Ramon crater.
  • Moreover, proceed to Sde Boker and see Ben Gurion’s grave overlooking the magnificent Zin valley.
  • In addition, stop for a camel ride and a visit to an authentic Bedouin tent.
  • Furthermore, learn about the Bedouin hospitality and enjoy a light lunch.
  • To conclude the days touring,  continue to Hatzerim and visit Israel’s Airforce Museum.

Overnight Tel-Aviv.

Wednesday Day 13 – Tel Aviv / End of 13 Day Jewish Israel Tour

  • Last breakfast in Israel. To conclude, we will transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for departure back home with lifelong memories.
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